Find a Physician

So, you’re looking for a doctor. You’ve come to the right place. Please find our list of resident and certified physicians below to help guide you to the services you need.

General Surgery
Tropha Wright, M.D. 575-445-7765
Stan Chao, M.D. 575-445-7765
Internal Medicine
Loretta Conder, M.D. 575-445-7771
Leonardo Lopez, M.D. 575-445-7771
Christine Lopez, M.D. 575-445-7771
Jessica Roberts, D.O. 575-445-7771
Louisa Chavez, MD 575-445-7771
Julene Moore, M.D. 575-445-7813
Leonardo Lopez, M.D. 575-445-7771
Haris Kazmi, M.D. 575-445-7771
Emergency Department
Donald Belknap, M.D. 575-445-7701
Loretta Conder, M.D. 575-445-7771