Long Term Care Services

Miners’ Colfax Medical Center – Long Term Care Facility

Intermediate Care Residential Unit

Patient Room

This unit is primarily for the less ambulatory residents who require periodic nursing care and may not always be lucid, or are immobile. The unit is on the second floor and is staffed by R.N.s, L.P.N.s and Nurse Technicians.



Activities Room

The activities planned for residents are under the Social Services department. Some of the activities planned for residents are parties, musical entertainment, picnics, pool tables, games and fishing. They also have exercise routines set up for them that they are encouraged to follow.

Wellness Center

MCMC has a wellness center available to all miners and employees for free. The wellness center will soon be available 24/7 and is renovating with new cardiovascular and strength training equipment. A personal trainer and exercise technologist is available. An exercise technologist prescribes a fitness routine for each member to follow and monitors the users during the sessions in case of emergency, strains, or any other problems related to exercising.

Dining Area

Dining Room

Delicious meals are served in our two dining rooms every day. Enjoy peaceful dining with friends and family in a cozy environment.

Pool Room

Game Room

Stop by the “Pool Room” for a game of 9-ball, 8-ball, or your favorite billiard game. You can also watch TV while you sink a few balls for a calm, restful afternoon of fun.


We offer a T.V. room, smoking room, and a sun room where residents can lounge. The downstairs lobby is also a popular “hang-out”.

Other Services

MCMC provides the following services for our patients.

  • Regular Room
  • Dietary and Nursing Services
  • Medical and Surgical Supplies (including syringes, catheters, ileostomy and colostomy supplies)
  • Use of equipment and facilities
  • General Services including administration of oxygen and related medications, hand feeding, incontinency care, tray services, and enemas
  • Items furnished routinely and relatively uniform to all patients such as: patient gowns, water pitchers, basins, and bedpans.
  • Items stocked at nursing stations or on floor in gross supply and distributed or used individually in small quantities such as: alcohol and body rubs, applicators, cotton balls, Band-Aids, laxatives and fecal softeners, aspirin, antacids, OTC ointments and tongue depressors.
  • Items which are used by individual patients but which are reusable and expected to be available such as: ice bags, bed rails, canes, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, traction equipment and other durable equipment
  • Special Dietary Supplements (used for tube feeding or oral feeding even if prescribed by a physician)
  • Laundry Services (including basic personal laundry)

Services NOT Covered

  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Dentist/Dentures
  • Opthamologist/Optometrist/Eye glases
  • Audiologist/Hearing Aids
  • Podiatrist/Footwear
  • TV/Cable
  • Telephone
  • Internet Services
  • Specialist care such as: Cardiologist, urologist, etc.
  • Specialized equipment such as: motor scooters, modified walkers, or wheelchairs, etc.
  • Ambulance services, including portion not paid for by other insurances
  • Out of facility oxygen, medications, and equipment
  • Dialysis or other specialized treatment services
  • Physician visits made at the physician’s office
  • Personal clothing
  • Personal toiletries and grooming items such as: electric razors, toothbrushes, etc.
  • Haircuts and/or beautician fees
  • Transportation services out of town for medical purposes
  • Transportation anywhere for non-medical related purposes that are not a planned activity