Tips for State Travel Guidelines

Privately owned automobile: For conveyance in the discharge of official duties by privately owned automobile, mileage accrued shall be reimbursed at the rate set forth in this section as follows:

  1. pursuant to the mileage chart of the official state map published by the state highway and Transportation department for distances in New Mexico and the most recent edition of Rand-McNally road atlas ( for distances outside of New Mexico; or
  2. pursuant to actual mileage if the beginning and ending odometer reading is certified as true and correct by the traveler; and
    1. the destination is not included on the official state map or on the Rand McNally road atlas, or,
    2. at the destination(s) of the public officer or employee, the public officer or employee was required to use the private conveyance in performance of official duties.
  • Included printed copy of mileage, when applicable
  • Current Year: Mileage Rate – .43¢
  • Do not utilize Military time
  • Do not utilize White Out
  • 80% or 100% actuals – Utilize actuals to CEO Memo
  • 80% Request MUST be turned in 3 weeks prior to travel
  • Fares and shuttle, airport parking etc are claimed under Mileage
  • Justify luggage charges or other charges, when applicable, IE., Baggage fees are consistent with the length of travel are claimed under miscellaneous
  • Can only claim 20% on tip and no alcohol on receipts
  • All fields on Itemized Schedule of Travel Expense are mandatory
  • Have supervisor sign Request for Travel prior to submitting to Accounts Payable
  • Double check calculations
  • DFA requires for imaging require receipts be by date on 8 ½ x 11, receipts taped on all four (4) sides, by date
  • Meals must be detailed.
  • Submit 20% recoup within 15 days after travel