Jobs & Career

Miners' Colfax Medical Center is part of the State of New Mexico Government. The application system is available through the State Personnel Department Website.

Current Listings

Posting #PositionOpen DateClose Date
2015-04228LPN Supervisor8/25/20155/29/2016
2015-04291RN Supervisor for Long Term Care8/31/20155/29/2016
2016-00797ICU Supervisor3/1/20166/1/2016
2015-05671RN-B for Med/Surg12/3/20156/10/2016
2015-05604RN-O for ER12/10/20156/10/2016
2016-00176Medical Clinical Lab Technician1/14/20166/14/2016
2015-04824RN-O for ICU10/21/20156/20/2016
2015-05107RN-O for Med/Surg10/23/20156/23/2016
2015-05260RN-O for OB10/28/20156/29/2016
2016-01123Med & Clinic Lab Supervisor3/31/20166/30/2016
2015-04823RN-O for Long Term Care10/15/20157/5/2016
2016-01533Purchasing Supervisor5/9/20165/23/2016
2016-01536Nurse Aide-B for Long Term Care5/9/20165/23/2016
2016-01534Nurse Aide/Ward Clerk for Long Term Care5/9/20165/24/2016

Updated: May 20th, 2016