Acute Care Services

We proudly offer the following services through our Acute Care facility:

Emergency Room

ER Room

MCMC provides 24 hour emergency room service. The emergency room is staffed by a nurse 24 hours per day. Staff physicians and a nurse practitioner attend E.R. visits.


OB Room

The O.B. department is staffed 24 hours a day. It houses various modern perinatal equipment such as state of the art ventilators, bilirubin lights, warmers, and much more. There are four labor and delivery rooms which are decorated and furnished nicely to make for a comfortable environment for the expectant mother. There are two family practice physicians and an OB/GYN who deliver babies.


Patient Registration Desk

It provides specialty clinics in pulmonary medicine, Black Lung, and oncology. In addition MCMC has an in-house physical therapy department which services inpatients and outpatients. The New Mexico Heart Institute holds monthly cardiology clinics at our acute care facility, as do a neurologist and neurosurgeon from Pueblo, CO. Stress tests, chemotherapy treatments, physical exams, minor surgical procedures, and/or screening are conducted on an outpatient basis related to these clinics.

Surgical miscellaneous: A gastroenterologist is available via a private practice clinic monthly to do gastroscopies in the O.R. A local ophthalmologist also utilizes O.R. for laser surgical procedures for removal of cataracts, etc. Pulmonary physicians conduct broncoscopies in the O.R. as well.


CT Scanner

Diagnostic Imaging services provided at MCMC are CT Scanning, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, mammography, and general radiology and flouroscopy diagnostics. A Board Certified Radiologist is located at the hospital, and teleradiology capabilities are also available.


Operating Room

Surgical services are available on both an inpatient and outpatient bases, including most general surgical procedures, and laparoscopic surgery. For example, C-Section, hernia repairs, vasectomies, hysterectomies, appendectomies, gall bladder, etc. Not being a major trauma facility, surgical services not included are cardiovascular, brain, spinal, and orthopaedic surgery. In the event of high-level trauma, the patient is stabilized and immediately transferred via Flight for Life or ground ambulance.

Day Case Unit: This unit is utilized for day surgeries not requiring overnight stay. Many day cases arrive early in the morning and released later in the evening depending on recovery status.



A fully functional laboratory unit runs 24 hours a day, processing all services needed by the hospital. Located near the Emergency Room, the lab provides instant service to emergent care patients.


Respiratory Cycles

The respiratory department is staffed by three respiratory technicians and is staffed 24 hours per day. Technicians also provide treatments to resident patients at the Long Term Care facility and assist physicians in conducting Black Lung Screening Clinics and pulmonary clinics.

Physical Therapy

Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy

MCMC works jointly with Rocky Mountain Physical Therapy. There are two physical therapists on staff and one aide. Physical therapy is provide for outpatients, inpatients, and residents at the Long Term Care facility.



MCMC’s pharmacy is staffed by two pharmacists and one assistant. Ordered medication is available and/or prepared on site and dispensed as prescribed by physician.

Social Services

These services are utilized by both facilities in order to assist patients with living arrangements, insurance issues, decision-making options in regard to medical choices, and/or general information to patients and residents as to patient rights, etc.