Health Information Management

This department manages and maintains our patient medical information. Our friendly and courteous staff are always glad to assist you in any way they can.

What We Do

Health Information Management, also known as “medical records”, is the home of all documentation for each patient encounter at Miners’ Colfax Medical Center.

MCMC is currently converting to an electronic health record (EHR). The HIM staff are responsible for gathering all paper documentation, appropriately processing and then scanning documents into the electronic record. Some documentation is already captured in the EHR. Records can only be released to the patient or guardian upon receipt of authorization and identification. Citizens are encouraged to bring copies of living wills and advanced directives to MCMC so that the document can be scanned into the electronic record. The dedicated staff are always available to meet the needs of patients.

Office Hours

HIM is open 8am -5pm Monday through Friday.

Retrieving Your Medical Records

Proceed to the Health Information Management office and request your medical records. Please remember that you can only retrieve your medical records and those to whom you are a legal guardian. Absolutely NO protected health information (PHI) will be given otherwise.