New Mexico State Job Listings

Our open positions are found in the tables below and are also listed on the State of New Mexico Careers site.

Licensed Positions

Position #TitleDate Opened
100151Emergency Department RN- Operational (68139)7/2/2018
100161Long Term Care RN- Supervisor (10615+)7/2/2018
100162Long Term Care RN- Operational (10645)7/2/2018
100168Obestrics RN- Operational (10578)7/2/2018
100169Obestrics RN- Advanced (10621)7/2/2018
100170Radiologic Tech-Operational (10550)7/2/2018
101438Med/Surg RN-0 (10572)8/27/2018
102015Respiratory Therapist-Advanced (MCMC# 10555)9/20/2018
102244ICU-RN-Advanced (MCMC# 10651)10/4/2018
102245Med & Clinical Lab Tech (MCMC# 10543)10/4/2018
102301Radiologic Technologist & Tech- A (MCMC#10554)10/10/2018
102746Surgery Clinic RN-O (MCMC# 10657)11/1/2018

Non-Licensed Positions

Position #TitleDate Opened
100156Housekeeping/Janitor (MCMC# 10514 and 68145)7/2/2018
100167Long Term Care-NA-Operational (MCMC 10632)7/2/2018
100611IT System Administrator (10472)7/30/2018
100951LTC Ward Clerk/Nurse Aid- Basic (MCMC# 10593)8/27/2018
101446LTC Restorative Rehab (MCMC# 10623)8/27/2018
102289HIM Director (MCMC# 10515)10/9/2018
102586CPA (MCMC# 10492)10/24/2018
102659Food Aide (MCMC# 68143)10/29/2018
102922LTC NA- Basic (MCMC# 10635)11/13/2018
103024Med/Surg Ward Clerk (MCMC# 10575)11/20/2018

Contact MCMC Human Resources

For questions or assistance in applying for open positions please contact Barbara Duran at 575-445-7860 or Michael Neurauter at 575-445-7850.