New Mexico State Job Listings

Our open positions are found in the tables below and are also listed on the State of New Mexico Careers site.

Licensed Positions

100151Emergency Department RN- Operational (68139)7/2/2018
100161Long Term Care RN- Supervisor (10506 and 10619)7/2/2018
100162Long Term Care RN- Operational (10645)7/2/2018
100168Obestrics RN- Operational (10578 and 10570)7/2/2018
100169Obestrics RN- Advanced (10581)7/2/2018
100170Radiologic Tech-Operational (10550, 68146, and 28803)7/2/2018
103527Med/Surg-LPN- Basic-(MCMC# 50331&10594)12/18/2018
103699Emergency Dept RN- Advanced (MCMC# 50273 and 68141)1/3/2019
104000Med/Surg-RN-Basic (MCMC# 10590 and 10641)1/17/2019
104022LTC LPN-Supr (MCMC# 50326)1/18/2019
104036Med/Surg LPN-Advanced (MCMC# 10568)1/18/2019
105049Med/Lab Technologist (MCMC# 10543, 10539 and 10538)3/19/2019
110068Respiratory Therapist-A (MCMC# 10555)12/30/2019
110486Care Management RN-Advanced (MCMC# 105871/22/2020
110710ICU RN- Operational (MCMC# 10585)2/4/2020

Non-Licensed Positions

110062Food Aide- A (MCMC# 10507 and 68143)12/30/2019
110069Maintenance Worker- A (MCMC# 10528)12/30/2019
110073LTC Nurse Aide-O (MCMC# 10627)12/30/2019
110080Med/Surg-Nurse Aide- B (MCMC# 10624)12/30/2019
109044Housekeeping/Laundry Worker10/21/2019

Contact MCMC Human Resources

For questions or assistance in applying for open positions please contact Barbara Duran at 575-445-7860 or Michael Neurauter at 575-445-7850.